During the extra-ordinary period while the UK deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, HEE London recognises the importance of trainee education and development at this time. Trainees may utilise study leave funding for on-line/distance learning resources. Many mandatory or optional courses may now be provided online instead of face to face, and the same is true of other courses for which aspirational approval has been given or is sought. These will be reimbursed using the usual procedures given the relevant mandatory/optional course code or aspirational approval code.

In addition, special Covid-related online courses may be provided by NHS Trusts, Royal Colleges or third party vendors. Trainees should enrol for such activity and claim the costs back in the usual way from the employing authority. For these additional courses, please use the approval code ONLINE0001 when you submit your claim form to your trust. Trainees will be able to claim up to £200 between April 2020 and 31st March 2021 to support such additional activity. If further COVID-related courses are required which go beyond this £200 allowance and which are not on the mandatory/optional course list, then an aspirational request may be made to seek approval for attendance and obtaining reimbursement.


We have also provided further guidance around cancellation of study leave events which can be found here: