As of 1st April 2020, Dental Trainees follow the same process as trainees in other medical specialties, with the consequence that there is no longer a personal annual cap on how much can be spent on study leave. Instead, provided the Educational Supervisor approves the necessary time for study days, trainees can take any UK based or online mandatory or optional courses relevant to their curriculum without financial limit. International courses/conferences and Aspirational courses (courses not on the relevant course list) require prior approval and will normally be capped at £1,000 each. The £1000 cap includes course costs and any accommodation/travelling and subsistence costs.  Only one international course/conference is permitted per trainee per training programme.

Please visit this page of our LPGMDE Support Portal for general information about the Study Leave process:

 You can find a flowchart showing the Study Leave process at this link.

 For the Dental Study Leave Course List, please visit this link: Dental Study Leave Course List