For Emergency Medicine - please see FAQ for EM LTFT Category 3: 

For Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics, the following will apply:

  • There will be two windows for application to fall in line with the speciality rotation dates; this has been discussed with the Heads of School.  
  • During the window, submitted application forms will be logged on to a tracker by the speciality administrators. 
  • Once the application windows close, panels will convene to look at which Trusts are able to accommodate the requests. 
  • Trainees who apply to a Trust which is unable to accommodate them will be placed on a waiting list.   
  • Trainees and Trusts will be advised least 16 weeks weeks before the rotation date. 
  • You must first discuss any plans for LTFT with your Training Programme Director (TPD) for your current training programme. Once you have discussed your request to train LTFT with your TPD, please complete the Category 3 LTFT Application form which can be found in the in the LTFT section of the trainee portal.