Open to all specialties (except for those on Foundation training)

LTFT Category 3 Pilot expansion 2021-2022


  • Trainee in all other specialties with the exception of Foundation, are able to apply for LTFT under Category 3.   
  • August 2021- July 2022 is the ‘Lead in year’ where trainees can go LTFT for 4 months at 0.8 WTE over a 1 year period. The standard period is 4 months, however, provided there is agreement between the trainee, employer and HEE Local Office the short term LTFT offer can be extended and this may be appropriate to align with rotation dates.  Approval of application is at the discretion of the HEE local office.    
  • Following the completion of the ‘lead in’ year, those specialties will then transition the following year into the full Category 3 model whereby trainees can undertake an unspecified period of time as LTFT Category 3. 
  • Foundation trainees will be eligible to apply from 2022.
  • Approval of applications must be subject to service considerations via TPD approval. 
  • Applications will be accepted in windows, and  number of windows available for trainees to undertake their 4-month LTFT period will be determined by the go live period e.g. may be between 2 to 3 windows. This is at local office discretion. 
  • Trainees must be in post at time of application.