Trainee details programmme details are uploaded to Synapse 12 weeks prior to the start date of the programme. Synapse cannot support trainees being linked to multiple programmes therefore in order to allow trainees to keep up to date with news, training days etc in the run up to their higher programmes starting, trainees are linked to their future programme.

For a number of CT2 trainees with higher speciality posts starting in August this will mean that the form R will populate with the future training programme information from 12 weeks prior to the start date.

All trainees are required to complete and upload a current Form R to their ePortfolio in preparation for their ARCP, if your Form R is populating future programme information, we ask that you amend the programme information on the form clearly by hand prior to uploading to your portfolio. This will not cause any issues at your ARCP as the panels will be informed of this situation, so long as the amendments you have made are clear.