When is my ARCP?

ST4 and ST3 (Window 2) – 13/6/19 - 28/6/19

ST2 and ST1 (window 3) – 16/07/2019 - 31/7/19

No specific dates allocated, you will be reviewed within one of the window period.

Please refer to the College link:


When should my final ESR to be completed? 

You must have your ESR completed before the review window. Please also ensure your Form R (done online via Synapse) is uploaded onto your learning log ensuring the form is electronically signed and DATED.


I don’t agree with my outcome? 

 Please liaise with your ES and TPD to review your outcome and if you still feel the outcome is incorrect, please ask the TPD to get in touch with HET team and then we will liaise with our Head of GP School.

I have been issued an outcome 5? 

 Please ensure you action outcome 5 within 10 working days and let us know when you have actioned outstanding requirements via this portal and then we will review you again.

I have been issued with outcome 6 when would I be revalidated? 

 You must not disconnect yourself from your London/KSS (LaSE) Responsible Officer until you have been revalidated as we will not be able to submit a recommendation unless you are connected to us.

We will revalidate you as soon as possible – it may take up two weeks as we may have to request for your record to be transferred over to our system.

LPMDE website link:


GP ARCP requirements London and KSS document is attached.