Dear Trainees

Re: lock down of eportfolio ahead of ARCP

We have received a number of queries about the lock down of the eportfolios ahead of the Summer ARCP date. The ARCP date is 12th June for North and South London trainees, unless you are out of sync or on statutory leave, and will be conducted in absentia. The face to face dates are for meetings with trainees not awarded outcomes 1 or 6.

It is required that evidence is available for the panel to review 2 weeks ahead of the in absentia meetings on 12th June, as a panel member will review the portfolio ahead of the in absentia meeting and they need time to undertake this. The College eportfolio has been designed to lock 2 weeks ahead of the in absentia ARCP date, which is in line with the national Gold guidelines. We are expecting the eportfolio to lock on 29th May, if you have set your ARCP to 12th June.

You would be required to enter the 12th June as your ARCP date. If you enter a later ARCP date you may still be able to upload evidence, but you will be at risk of the panel members missing evidence for your ARCP review and the electronic sign off not working correctly if it is not reset before the in absentia panel meetings to 12th June.

We cannot alter the national guidance, but will try our best to take into account additional evidence available up to the day of the ARCPs, however this is very difficult to make fair for all trainees if we do not follow the cut off points.

Best wishes

Emma and Cordelia

Ms Emma Jones and Cordelia McKechnie

Head and Deputy Head of School of Ophthalmology

Health Education England

Stewart House | 32 Russell Square | London | WC1B 5DN