We request trainees provide us with a minimum of 3 months for all category 1 (childcare, ill health, caring responsibilities) LTFT requests and 6 months for category 2 (unique opportunities for professional development) LTFT requests.

In exceptional circumstances trainees may not be able to give 3 months notice, e.g. sudden illness or need to provide care for a family member, and these cases will be considered on a case by case basis. The Health Education Team are responsible for assessing trainees' eligibility to train LTFT and communicating this to the trust via the trust portal (TROG). Trusts will not have access to a trainee's application form.

For LTFT requests where we do not receive sufficient notice, these will be reviewed as an exception but if there are no extenuating circumstances the request will be declined and the trainee notified to apply with 3 months notice.