Please note, this guidance only applies to excess travel claims for trainees in existing programmes prior to 1st April 2021. For new excess travel claims from 1st April 2021 onwards, base hospitals are no longer applicable. Please see here for more information on the new guidance.

Determining the base hospital:

The rules governing the base hospital selection state that it is to be decided as per one of the following sections:

A) If you have previously claimed relocation expenses whilst in this training programme, then the last hospital that paid you to relocate is your base hospital.

B) If you know that you will spend more than half of your training programme at one particular hospital, then that hospital can be your base hospital if (A) above does not apply. You will need to provide verification from your TPD that you will definitely rotate there.

C) If you do not know where you will rotate to next and neither (A) nor (B) apply, then the first hospital on your rotation is your base hospital.

D) You may select a base hospital convenient to your home address if none of the above apply and you provide verification that you will definitely be rotated to that hospital (as opposed to it being a possible post on a rotation).

Option A will always take precedence – if you have relocated for a particular post then that post will be your base. If you have not relocated during your current training programme then you can select any hospital on the current programme as long as they have been there, or you can verify that it will definitely be your next post.