Applications for expenses need to be submitted before or within 3 months of incurring the costs and you will only need to apply once for the duration of your post (up to 12 months).

If your post is extended or changed in any way you will need to submit a new application following a change of circumstances for eligibility to be reviewed, this also applies to trainees who reach their approval limit or approval date and require further expenses.

**Please note you can submit an Eligibility to Claim form in advance of incurring the costs. i.e. Request for excess travel for a rotation commencing in August 2018.  You are able to submit the eligibility form in June 2018 if rotation has been confirmed. If found eligible to claim you can submit the claim for expenses to reimbursed in September 18 to claim for one month or alternatively submit a claim end of October 18 for 3 months (Aug/Sep/Oct), however  must be within 3 months of incurring the costs.  You would then submit further claim for subsequent months approved to claim for.

Please see table below for examples of application deadlines:

Claim Type:

Post start date:

Date costs incurred:

Application deadline:

Excess Travel

1st August 2018

First day of commute     (1st Aug 2018)

31st October 2018

Continuing Commitments

1st August 2018

Rent paid from 25th July 2018

31st October 2018

Removals / Relocation of property

1st September 2018

12th August 2018 – 1st September 2018.

Multiple expenses.

30th November 2018