Please read the Policy for the Reimbursement of Removal or Rotational Travel Expenses for Doctors in Training prior to filling in your application as it is the trainee's responsibility to check their eligibility prior to submitting a claim.

Please note there are 2 separate steps and forms to this process:  

Eligibility to Claim Form –Once submitted you will then receive your eligibility outcome letter, if you are eligible it is at that point you complete the necessary claim form.

Claim Form’ submit this with any required receipts or other required documents for your claim, this will be detailed in your outcome letter, if found eligible.

How to apply if you are a KSS Trainee:

1. Download and complete the eligibility to claim application form available on our website here.

2. Send this to medical staffing at your employing Trust for processing. 

3. The employing NHS Trust will process your eligibility to claim form and inform you of the outcome via an eligibility outcome letter, this will be emailed to you.

4. If your application is approved you will need to complete a claim form for reimbursement from your employing trust within 28 days of receiving your eligibility outcome letter.

5. If your application is declined and you feel is has been processed incorrectly or unfairly, the appeals procedure is available in the policy.