Details of the OOP submission deadline and OOP panel meetings will be advertised on the School of Paediatrics website

Trainees are required to give a minimum of 6 months’ notice for all OOPs (OOPT, OOPR, OOPE) other than OOPC (careers break) and complete an OOP form approved by their TPD and educational supervisor.  All applications will be reviewed by an OOP panel which meets twice a year and the panel will look through the applications and supporting evidence before deciding whether a trainee’s application is approved, declined or is conditional (usually pending on further evidence such as a job offer). 

For trainees wishing to start their OOPs in March, the panel normally meets in mid-September. For trainees wishing to go out on OOP in September, the panel normally meets in March. Trainees will be notified of the outcome at least 5 working days after the panel meeting.


For KSS trainees, OOP plans need to be discussed with their TPD in the first instance.  OOP applications need to be done within 6 months’ notice and be reviewed by their TPD in agreement with the Head of School.