Swaps to placements within the core medical training programme will only be approved on exceptional grounds and any requests on exceptional grounds should be received a minimum of 16 weeks prior to the rotation date/start of the placement.

Core Medical Training rotations are a 2-year envelope of training placements which are geographically co-located, are broad and balanced in their make-up, and will lead to completion of a core training programme. They have been approved by the lead Training Programme Directors (TPD) for each programme in line with JRCPTB quality criteria.

Allocations to programmes are based upon performance in the national recruitment process, normally through a ranked system. Swapping out of approved rotations is discouraged unless there are compelling exceptional reasons.

If you wish to apply for an amendment to your placement, please discuss your rationale with your Local and lead TPD in the first instance if you are on a London training programme and your local College Tutor in the first instance, if you are on the KSS training programme. The Health Education Team (HET) are not able to provide you with information regarding other trainee’s rotations or vacancies within the programme. Any queries regarding the possibility of a swap based on exceptional grounds should be discussed with your TPD (London programmes) or Local College Tutor (KSS programme).

For further information regarding the swap process please refer to the guidance on the CMT page on synapse at the following link https://secure.synapse.nhs.uk/pages/group_1420/74803b122f4cc8be9e4cf8e22712bea2