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Core Surgical Scoring

Hi, I cant seem to find the answer, but just wondering what happens if you score yourself too high/low in a topic on CST self-assessment. I'm concerned because I have done a regional presentation - this was as an inspirational speaker to an audience of award-winning college students throughout the region - all going into healthcare-related degrees. I don't know if this counts as a regional presentation, or if I should just put down a local one that I've done - M&M etc. 

I'm worried that if I put the regional presentation and they deem that it doesn't meet the criteria then I could lose all marks for that area, or if I play it safe and put the M&M, but then potentially losing out on 2 marks. 

Can anyone shed any light on this for me or advise me further it would be much appreciated. 

I have emailed the deanery for advice via the enquiries page but they said they can't offer any advice -.-

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